Oppressed Education

“Looking into the common educations in Indonesia”   A lot of theories about education that was taught for the teaching student who studying at the university. Theories that were studied almost all referred in the interaction between the educator and participants educated. Not only that, but, the development of participants educated also received the focus from almost the theory whole that was taught. Moreover in the aim of national education Indonesia personally according to government law no 20 year 2003 ” Aim to expand  competitor educated to in order to become the godly and religious human being to God,   Behavior , healthy, bookish, capable, creative, self-supporting and become the democratic citizen and also hold responsible. In the reality, this is very difficult to be done. It’s because of the imitating habit which grows at education culture itself. Existing teachers in this time a lot represent the old teachers. Old system and law which at a period of/to them college applied in this time have experienced of a lot of change. Unfortunately the changes received the not better response so as the development of the method of teaching them to not follow the existing path. While way of their teacher that suspected as represent of the teaching method taught in the era of Dutch colonialization. This is why education system in this time still be related/relevant with the education model applied by former colonization era. One of the causes that was complained about since beforehand was the change in the system almost each Mendiknas change. The change and the finishing of the available system it was considered deviated too far from the system that beforehand. Therefore, the teachers in the level of the executive more liked to use their teaching method personally. The method taught like this was adoption from their teacher’s teaching method personally that was received when they learned to teach. Whereas their teacher’s method it was warned was the method taught the colonial Dutch time. This why the education system at this time was still related to the educational model that was applied when the colonization time beforehand.After we knew that the learning models at this time still was linked with the colonization time learning method, we see its study process.  This caused the problem if still continued to be applied. At this time, we were prosecuted to have the expertise that could compete with the international market. With the available education system, we could only produce the skilled workers but was in the worker’s lowered class. If it still last, forever we could only export manual laborers in order to satisfy the requirement for manpower in the market.Indonesian must begin in realized this situation.  It’s not longer the time for us to educate a multiple-skilled workers.  At this time, we must begin to be focused in education specific ability oriented that could fill the international standard. So each individual must be given special provisions that will give him the creating freedom based on what skill that he/ she expert in. Eventually this capacity that will distinguish the individual from the other individual.If beforehand a car mechanic could repair all part of the car but did not spread everywhere. At this time we must think how educated a mechanic who knew all part of the car but had the special expertise in the certain part. For example, a mechanics knew all part of the car but he had the specialization in the part engine tune up. Whereas if having the problem moreover he must hand over in other mechanics that had the specialization to the component. This must also begin to be applied in the level of basic education. Especially to the primary school. If nowadays one class was only taught by a teacher then this habit must begin to be changed. As being applied to the junior high school and the senior high school.Several time ago stood the anti corruption school. Why the anti corruption school? Because the school was our first place learned to carry out corruption. Not only  student but the teacher. Why was like this? Consciously or not, we trained ourselves for corruption with the habit to enter late and outside the class was earlier. When minor matters like that became the habit then will change to the mental attitude. As a result, this attitude will clear our life field that was other not only was trapped. When at one time we were given by the belief then we little by little processed to take what not our right. Starting from time than to the material. The process like when we were in the classroom. This will become a habit that was regarded as natural and did not cause the problem. We have start to realize that the education in indonesia were an oppressed education. The existing system only accommodates the market demand for skilled labour. On the other hand, both the expert and the process to make the skilled power personally be ignored. The expert with the expertise especially precisely not always being accommodated his opportunity to work. The higher standard of payment was became the most reason for many factory to chose the skilled power with lower education grade. Whereas the deliberate expert was brought in from other country. The process of making the skilled power personally just as banded as the skilled power expert them self. Many children of the school age that cannot finish their education because of the high educational cost. They usually end to the street child or the blue-collar worker the level was lowest. For that we need our government concern as well as any other company that needed educated and skilled manpower to develop this abandon potential recourses.


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