How to get a scholarship

1 Step One
Start looking for scholarships at least one year before entering college.
2 Step Two
Consider whether you are a member of an underrepresented group, in financial need, or interested in certain fields of study. Scholarships are available for those with special talents in many areas, including sports, art, science and music.
3 Step Three
Think about applying for a fellowship – a scholarship for graduate students – if you want to go to graduate school.
4 Step Four
Recognize what you can expect from a scholarship when you apply for it. Some schools offer to pay all your expenses, while others only pay for room and board.
5 Step Five
Use a No. 2 pencil to complete the application form.
6 Step Six
Be prepared to answer general questions such as name, address, social security number, date of birth, citizenship status and marital status.
7 Step Seven
Provide any necessary financial information such as total family income, number of children in your household, and number of children in college. Round dollar amounts to whole number values.
8 Step Eight
Supply information about the talent required by the scholarship for which you are applying.
9 Step Nine
Mail all the paperwork to the address listed on the application.
10 Step Ten
Endure the weeks or months of waiting to find out whether you got the scholarship and how much money you will receive from it.
Tips & Warnings
Talk to your school counselor; he or she is paid to help you make decisions about your future.


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